The Shaman has healed since time immemorial. Shamanic healing goes right to the core of the issue and this is why many have now come back to this most ancient of spiritual practises. I consider the ability to heal others an honour. In many ways I am simply a middleman (or rather woman) as it is the spirits who are the healers and I am the means of accessing those spirits to assist the client.

As a Shamanic Practitioner I am able to offer both distance and in-person healing in Glastonbury.

Before your appointment I will, with the help of my Guides, discern what particular type of healing you need at this time. This is not something that I will decide. My Spirit Guides will determine what each client most needs. However, if you feel that there is a particular issue that needs to be healed then this may very well be the case. Examples of types of shamanic healing include:

  • Soul Retrieval - throughout our lives we encounter traumatic situations which we simply cannot cope with. When this happens a piece of our soul fragments off. It does this to protect us. As an example, imagine a situation such as a horrific road accident. Were we completely present through this our psyche simply would not be able to manage. So, a piece of soul detaches itself and goes off to the Underworld where it is protected, yet lost to us. Through experience I have found that most of these lost soul parts are from childhood. A child is not able to cope with as much as an adult. My job as a Shamanic Practitioner is to enter into the client's lower world to find the most relevant lost soul part for the client at that point in their lives. With the help of my Guides, I bring this part back and then help the client to integrate this soul part back into their being. 
  • Past Life Healing - a soul can experience many lifetimes. It is quite possible that we carry energy from one lifetime into another. However, this energy is not appropriate for our current life so sometimes a past life healing is required. As a Shamanic Practitioner I can journey to find out information about a past life, which is appropriate to heal at the time. I can then assist the client to heal the wounds of this past life allowing the client to move forward in their current life without the baggage of this previous incarnation.
  • Extraction Medicine - nature seeks to fill a void. It is not unsual for people to pick up energies in their spiritual body that do not belong to them. This can go on to cause physical conditions. Extraction Medicine finds this unwanted energy and removes it. 
  • Ancestral Curse Removal - sometimes we can carry curses from our ancestors. We do not need these. They continue to affect us and if not stopped will continue to affect our descendants. An ancestral curse removal finds the curse and removes it, healing issues which have affected your life and the lives of your ancestors. The path is cleared for those for follow.
  • Empowerment Journey - this is one of the classic journeys that can be undertaken for a client. I will journey and ask to be shown a spirit animal / power animal that wants to work with you at this time to help to return you to your full power. It is thought that everyone has a spirit animal attached to them. To be in connection with yours empowers you in your life. Please also see my page on Spirit Animal Paintings.
  • Cord Cutting - sometimes we have energetic cords connecting us with others. These can drain our energy and are not beneficial. In a shamanic healing session it is possible to cut these cords and heal the wounds.


Here are some testimonials from previous clients:

“Sharyn is a gifted shamanic practitioner. I had a soul retrieval with her and I found the experience gentle, yet powerful, providing me with insights that helped me understand and make sense of my life path at the time. Sharyn guides you through the session clearly and compassionately. I especially enjoyed the ceremony she performed at the end of my soul retrieval! All in all, it was one of the best energy healing sessions I have had in a long time, and I would thoroughly recommend Sharyn as a shamanic practitioner. "

Carolina, UK

"Sharyn has such a calm, gentle, Faye but powerful presence that you instantly feel assured this will be an amazing experience..................

I was not disappointed!

I work with clients through healing and can pick up their energy very easily and sometimes that resides, becomes heavy and lowers me. Although I protect myself I am an empathic and this leaves me vulnerable. I was hoping that Sharyn could journey for me and help with this.......She did and so much more!

I am now free of a particularly powerful negative entity and met two power animals plus a very special spirit guide animal that now helps and protects me with the healing work I do.

I couldn't recommend Sharyn highly enough, thoughtful, intuitive and ancient in many ways that all helps you to feel safely held and healed."

Nicky, UK

'Sharyn skilfully facilitates safe and compassionate communication with the shamanic world. Demonstrating immense respect and trust in her ability, acting with integrity to make these deeper connections with our physical world more accessible through her beautiful art and healing gifts. By being willing to be true to her soul, she offers the opportunity for each person she supports to receive personal messages, that have the power to touch the very core, to encourage each person along their own path with greater strength.'

Jenny, UK

"The soul retrieval that Sharyn carried out was very intense and deeply healing. I have had a soul retrieval before.  Sharyn's techniques were very different.  But never underestimate the power of a gentle woman. I was treated with compassion, respect and humility.
Sharyn is very relatable and I felt very safe in the sacred space she had created. I would definitely recommend anyone to pay her visit and step upon the path of transformation."

Phoenix, UK


Please contact me to arrange a Shamanic Healing session. I look forward to being a part of your healing journey.