Reconnect with Spirit and Claim your Creativity!

In my workshops I entwine the powers of shamanism and artistic creation. The two compliment each other beautifully. These workshops can facilitate deep healing and an awakening to a new chapter. During the workshop you will be held in a sacred and nurturing space allowing you to heal your soul wounds whilst expressing your creativity.

About the Workshops

Sharyn has woven her two amazing gifts together - art and shamanism. Her natural ability to take you on shamanic journeys lends beautifully to empowering you to connect with your own inner artist. Her gentle, encouraging and beautiful nature encourages you through the tough moments. Sharyn's gifts as an artist shine out of her and they are inspiring. She has amazing self-taught unique techniques that enable, even the most novice artist, to be proud of the end results.

The workshop journeys helps to break down limiting beliefs and conditioning such as: "I can't paint", "I'm not good enough", "I'm not creative". It turns these beliefs into shock and pride by the end accomplishment and you get to take your painting home to inspire others around you to find their 'inner artist' too. The shamanic techniques and journeys also help reawaken the creative energy for people who have stopped painting and yearn to return but can't move past the blocks. All the blocks that people have toward their creativity are 'self-made' which also means that they can be 'self-undone'.

Sharyn holds a beautiful space in which you feel safe to begin unravelling. Everyone can paint. Everyone has creative talents. If you have a desire to paint, to be creative and to heal emotional trauma then this is the course for you.

"I feel I am discovering a whole new world thanks to your course!" (AB)

Workshops in 2019 - Sign up now as places are limited - you won't be disappointed

Here's what people say about the workshops:

This is an art workshop with a difference, Sharyn sets up the whole space as a loving embrace where you feel safe to explore your artistic talents (even if you thought you had none), Sharyn helps you to unleash and express your hidden self through art and Norse shamanic journeying which even if you have never journeyed before is easy to follow with her instruction and guidance. Sharyn packs a lot into this weekend course and we also visited a long barrow which was the first time I've been to one and it was a wonderful experience sitting in the dark embrace of mother earth whilst journeying for healing. This workshop is a fabulous mix of art and shamanic journey work with generous supplies of all the materials needed to create a beautifully meaningful work of art and deep healing through the journeying with Norse goddesses and your finding your Fylgja to assist you on your journeying.  Can't wait for my next workshop! (SW)

Wow what an incredible experience. I went through quite a huge process which enabled me to heal a part of my damaged inner child. The shamanic journeys took me to deep buried aspects of my childhood where I never felt good enough especially with art and drawing. My lack of self-confidence in this area was made worse around the ages of 10-12 when other people made fun of my painting attempts in school. Sadly I didn't have the strength to know that everyone can paint so I shut myself off from it telling myself that I'm stupid and that I can't do it. These self-defeating and critical voices came back with a vengeance but this time they came to heal and I was able to tell my inner girl that she is good enough and that she is welcome and I am here to hold her whilst she feels the pain and injustice of it all. I came away with a painting that I am so proud of, I love my piece and I have it on my dresser for all to see. Thank you Sharyn for holding such an amazing class, I had no idea such a huge healing process would start from this. I can't wait for more. (EH)

I learned such a lot, both shamanically and artistically. Your fantastic welcome and enthusiasm ensured that I felt at ease right from the start, and as a group we all seemed to bond very quickly. I found journeying very enjoyable and enlightening, and through this you have given me the confidence to move forward along a pathway that is becoming clearer by the day.  Your gentle, non-judgemental guidance has certainly had a huge impact on me. I can honestly say that my general attitude is more buoyant as a result of the workshop, and my confidence in my abilities as a painter have increased tenfold. The centre where you held the workshop had a fantastic energy and welcoming atmosphere which also helped us all settle quickly, and the energies around Glastonbury, and especially the gentle energy surrounding "our tree" were fantastic. (IL)

Upcoming Workshops

Painting with Nature Spirits - 30th and 31st March 2019 - 3 spaces left

Early Bird Offer Expires 31st December 2018

Painting with Nature Spirits Banner 2019 A.jpg

On this sacred art workshop we will be working with nature spirits with the intention of both healing ourselves and healing the land, on the principle that we are all connected on the web of wyrd. We’ll work with the spirits of tree, plants and rocks to produce a piece of sacred, healing art. This workshop will also include some dowsing and connecting with the land in sacred Glastonbury.

The price for this workshop is £160 which includes all art equipment. A £60 deposit secure your place. Now just 3 spaces left.

Book your place before the end of 2018 to receive a 10% deposit

Paint Your Power Animal - 6th and 7th July 2019 - 6 spaces left

Paint Your Power Animal Banner.jpg

On this fun and inspiring weekend workshop we will connect with and honour our power animals, also known as animal spirit guides. Shamanic cultures believe that everyone has an animal spirit guide. To be connected and in touch with your animal spirit is to be empowered.

On this workshop you will be gently guided through a process where you will journey and connect with your spirit animal. During the course of the weekend you will honour and deepen your connection whilst creating a painting of your power animal that you can take away with you at the end of the workshop. This will be a healing and empowering weekend where you will also connect with your creativity. You will learn and develop painting techniques to allow you to produce a meaningful and empowering representation of your animal spirit guide.

The price for this workshop is £160 which includes all art equipment. A £60 deposit secure your place. Now only 6 spaces left.

Further Dates for 2020

Workshop dates are now confirmed for 2020. More details will follow but please contact me if you are interested in booking. Places are always limited to allow me to dedicate the required time to participants. The following dates are confirmed but I am yet to confirm the name of the courses.

  • 25th and 26th April 2020

  • 4th and 5th July 2020

  • 7th and 8th November 2020

Contact me for Early Bird Offers!

Would you like to come and paint a drum with me in Glastonbury? Well, now you can!

Coming soon - Very limited spaces - Register your interest now

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"This was an amazing workshop weekend. I loved the balance of shamanic journeying and painting. The space was perfect with a nice kitchen area for breaks. The trip to the long barrow was very special, being able to have undisturbed time there was something I will never forget. We also had the use of such a variety of art materials and great instruction and demo's on how to produce different effects. I had a truly wonderful time and produced a painting with great personal meaning. I am so grateful to have had this experience." CM

Please contact me to reserve your space or to find out more information.


A short video about The Visual Journey 2018

Here's a little video I made after The Visual Journey in June 2017

 The sacred Isle of Avalon, home to Gwyn Ap Nudd.

The sacred Isle of Avalon, home to Gwyn Ap Nudd.