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Sharyn has been painting and drawing as long as she can remember. It has always been a passion and a fascination to her. When Sharyn is creating art she feels complete. She is in her power.

Sharyn originally comes from East Anglia and grew up on her family's farm on the edge of the Fens. In 2010 she moved west and has now made her home in the sacred town of Glastonbury, Somerset. Here she lives,  nestled on the foothills of Chalice Hill and Glastonbury Tor, where the land rises from the Somerset Levels and the mists of Avalon hang above the fields. 

It is from this home that Sharyn channels her deep connection with the land into her artwork. Her inspiration comes from the magic so inherent in the land. Sharyn is guided by dreams, messages, runic energies and shamanic journeys and she aims to reflect the tangible magic of the Earth and its associated realms through her creations.