Painting a client's drum in my studio

Painting a client's drum in my studio

I found Sharyn through Etsy and I emailed her about getting a 14” remo drum custom painted. After conversing over email, I was certain I chose the right person for the job. I shared a couple of ideas with her of what I wanted but Sharyn was able to take my idea and develop it into something much more than I could imagine. Sharyn is an incredibly talented artist but she is also very intuitive and I had full trust in her. The care and love that was put into the painting is clearly evident and she has a gift of infusing beautiful healing energy into her work. I am so happy with my custom drum and I am extremely grateful to Sharyn.
— Sylvia Sobota, Reading UK

Drums have been used for thousands of years. They are found throughout many cultures. Sacred, ceremonial instruments, they are used in ceremony, healing and by the shaman to alter their state of consciousness to allow their spirit to journey. The shaman's spirit rides the beat of the drum into different realities.

Until you have a drum you cannot realise the power which it has. I use my drums so much. Drumming allows you to shift your consciousness out of the mundance and hence access states of altered perception. I use my drum when chanting the runes and I use it to connect with the pulse of the earth and interact with the land spirits.

As a shamanic artist I can offer you something special where your drum is concerned. I can paint a drum for you with the image of your choice. This could be an image of your Animal Spirit / Plant Spirit Guide(s). You may know what you want on your drum. Alternatively, I can journey on this for you and bring back images and ideas which we can discuss before I put paint to drum skin. As I paint the drum I sometimes receive messages and guidance for the client. It's a wonderful process and it's so interesting so what what unfolds as I work.

As a vegan, I like to use Remo drums which are drums made from a synthetic fibreskyn. They have a beautiful resonance and the beauty of this drum is that, unlike skin drums, they are not affected by damp and temperature changes meaning that they are perfect to be used outdoors and their tone is never affected. I will admit that a completely virgin drum can feel a little souless which is why I like to embue it with spirit through art.

I can paint on the drum head, as shown in the below examples or I can paint around the drum frame. Or both!

I am able to paint your own drum for you (either skin or synthetic) or can source a Remo Buffalo Drum for you and paint it. Alternatively, I have contacts who make real skin (ethically sourced) drums in a sacred way and could, if required, source one of these for you to be painted.

As a guide, a 14" Remo Buffalo drum painted for you with a detailed acrylic painting would be from £210 plus the price of the drum, which changes due to current market prices. The price obviously depends upon the complexity of the design. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. A deposit is required when you commission your drum. As I have a real wish to see people with their ideal sacred drum I may be able to offer a payment plan - just ask! I am always happy to offer advice about chosing your drum.

Please click below to see enlarged images of my drums

A short video showing my drums from 2017

A short video which shows step-by-step how this Black Panther Drum was painted


Choosing Your Drum

 The full range of sizes available as Remo Buffalo Drums - from highly portable and lightweight 10 inch up to booming, arm aching 22 inches!

The full range of sizes available as Remo Buffalo Drums - from highly portable and lightweight 10 inch up to booming, arm aching 22 inches!

If you have any questions or need any guidance on choosing your drum then please just ask. I can source Remo Buffalo drums for you to be transformed and awakened with my paintings.


There are various considerations to take into account when choosing which size of drum to have. Smaller drums are more portable and great for taking out and about with you. A larger drum is better for group work. I personally have a range of sizes that I use for different purposes.

Below are some sound clips so that you can hear the different voices of the drums. Please bear in mind though that even synthetic drums can vary. I have played two seemingly identical drums and they sounded different so these sound clips are intended as a guide only.

16" Drum track coming soon