Intuitive Spirit Art Commissions

I truly believe that art can be a tool used to heal the soul. When art is produced in a sacred way it can tap into messages from spirit and become a catalyst for healing and personal transformation.

This piece was produced intuitively. The images and messages contained within the image meant nothing to me but they mean something to the person for whom this piece of art was created.  As I worked on the piece I focused on imbuing the piece with healing and personal power for my client. Further Shamanic work with this client revealed that she had a fox as a Guide, something which had not been discovered when the piece was created.


As a Shamanic Artist I can help you in a number of ways:

I can create for you a piece of art intuitively as I focus on the energies which surround you. I will allow the messages from spirit to flow through me and onto the canvas. In this way the art created will hold symbolic messages for you at this point in your life. The art can act as a focus for your growth and transformation. 

Alternatively, I can enter into an altered state of consciousness and journey for you. I can then paint for you the image which my Guides and helping spirits tell me you need at this point in your own personal growth and healing process.

For a very personal and nurturing one to one session you can visit me in my studio where I will help you to contact your own spirit guides to seek guidance and understanding. I can then guide you through the process of creating your own, personal piece of artwork, all the while under my supervision and guidance. You will be held in a nurturing environment and encouraged to express whatever is needed at this time.

If you are interested in any of these options, please enquire via the Contact page on this website.