How I Came to Walk This Path

I think it is true to say that I have always been in touch with other realms and have always known that the reality we see every day is not the only one. My childhood was spent wandering the land on my family's farm, looking for faeries and longing to meet witches. I realised that I was Pagan when I was in my early twenties and pursued a solitary magical practise from that time. However, my awakening to the Shamanic life came a number of years ago. The saying goes that every cloud has a silver lining. I certainly found out in a very difficult and profound way that wonderful things can grow out of the most devastating of situations.

Me and the Yew.jpg

At this time I suffered a terrible loss. It left me in a very bad way, both physically and mentally, not knowing how I was going to cope. It was then that I found myself wandering alone on Glastonbury High Street, feeling lost and experiencing the most terrible grief I had ever felt. What happened next felt like a hand taking me by the arm and marching me straight across the road and into a healing centre. The gentleman at the desk asked me if he could help me. I replied and said, "Yes, I need healing". It so happened that the man behind the desk was a Shamanic Healer and it so happened that he had a free session at the time. I decided to take it. I need to explain that I am not normally the type of person who does things without first giving them a lot of thought and consideration so doing something on the spur of the moment was not at all like me - but the Universe was at work!

After the healing session I could not actually believe how wonderful I felt and how very much like me I was feeling again, only stronger and more vibrant. It actually caused me to feel terrible guilt that I could be feeling so wonderful at a time when I should have been so terribly unhappy. The man responsible for this healing also told me that I was a natural healer and it was for this reason that I had been brought to live in Glastonbury. I was intrigued. I had experienced something profoundly powerful and I wanted to know more.

I began reading in ernest, laying my hands on as many books about Shamanism as I could find. Being Pagan, it was already in my consciousness but I really knew very little about it. I made it my business to find out as much as I could. I also spoke to my Auntie who is a gifted healer and psychic medium about how I should begin my journey into healing. She suggested that Reiki was a gentle way to begin and so I booked my Reiki One training and attunement. A month later I did my first shamanic journey. This became something I did very regularly. Life took on a whole new meaning and excitement as the worlds opened up in front of me!

I went on to train with Howard and Elsa Malpas on their Shamanic Practitioner course. Along the way I have taken every opportinity I can to expand my shamanic consciousness and experience. The biggest teachers we have though are the spirits, the ancestors and the Earth. For those who chose to listen they have bounteous wisdom to share with us. 

Through following a Shamanic path I have found myself led back to the practises and beliefs of my Teutonic ancestors. The old Gods of Northern Europe called me and I was quick to answer. I have since been to Sweden to train in Seidr and my main interest in shamanism is now within the realm of Northern European shamanic practices. I work shamanically with Runic energies.  The runes are extremely ancient and powerful and they underpin every aspect of life. You can see more about this on my runes page.