Empowerment Journeys and Paintings for You

Spirit Animal Guides together in a circle - "Circle of Friends", © Sharyn Turner - Acrylic, 2016

Spirit Animal Guides together in a circle - "Circle of Friends", © Sharyn Turner - Acrylic, 2016

It is believed that everyone has a power animal. No matter who you are or where you are from, you will have an animal spirit ally. The term power animal has become integrated into Western language but it is not a term I particularly like although it is clear and descriptive. I would prefer to use the term Guide or Spirit Animal.

Your Spirit Animal is your guardian and your guide in altered states of consciousness. Indeed, if you ever decide to embark upon a shamanic way of life the first thing you will most probably do is meet your Animal Guide. Shamanic belief states that you will have a Spirit Animal with you from childhood. They protect you and guard you. With your animals by your side you are empowered. it is often thought that without one you would not make it through childhood. Losing connection with a spirit animal can result in illness and a general loss of power. 

Indeed, I can personally testify to the power animal in childhood theory. I can clearly remember as a very small, pre-school aged child that I would slip into states of altered consciousness on purpose. I did this by curling into a tight ball when my Mum was vacuuming the carpets. The noise of the vacuum would allow me to go into a sort of trance. I cannot exactly remember what happened during these times but I do know that at the same time I was obsesseed with Duck Billed Platypuses. Indeed, my dear mother made me one (she was very good at making soft toys) one Christmas because back in the 1970s you simply couldn't go and buy one like you could now! When I did my first ever journey as an adult you can guess which animal came to me - yes, the Duck Billed Platypus. He had been with me all that time and came to welcome me back to the way of the altered state.

So, what kind of animals work as power animals? The answer is all sorts. No, it doesn't have to be Wolf, Eagle or Bear - although it could be. Indeed, I have the acquaintance of a wonderful Wolf who lives in a staff, but that's another story altogether. They could be the most unlikely of creatures from ladybirds to seagulls. It is rare to find a domesticated animal as an animal guide though although I am sure it does happen.

Empower Your Life!

One of the classic types of Shamanic Healing that a practitioner may carry out for their client is an Empowerment. In this journey the seeker asks to be shown a Spirit Animal who wants to be taken back to work with the client. It is thought that this Spirit Animal will be one that has worked with the client before and has been with them at a time when they were full of their own power. This may be in this life but it may also have been in a previous life. Once I have retrieved this Spirit Animal for you and found out as much information as I can about what it brings for you at this time I will create for you a painting of that animal in the way it wishes to be shown to you. You will then have an image of your Guide and this will help you to honour this Spirit Animal and form a strong connection. Although our Guides are not here with us in the physical it can be a great blessing to have a physical image to help our connection to become stronger,

Alternatively, you may already guides and spirits that you work with and you may wish to commission me to produce a painting of them for you.

If you are interested in having a Spirit Animal Painting please contact me.

Or why not have your Power Animal painted directly onto your drum? Go to my Shamanic Drum page for more details.

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