My first ever set of runes, which I made from an east growing branch from a tree on Glastonbury Tor

My first ever set of runes, which I made from an east growing branch from a tree on Glastonbury Tor

The Runes

If you are under the impression that the runes are just another divination tool,  similar to the tarot, then please put this notion out of your mind as this is very far from the truth. The runes are energies - they are the building blocks of the universe. Each rune is complex and has many layers, both exoteric and esoteric. 

Each rune is strongest during its half rune month - a period of approximately 15 / 16 days during which it is in it's power. Placed around a wheel, the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark or Uthark (the system I am drawn to), they form a sun wheel - the Northern Tradition version of the Medicine Wheel. Jera sits in the Northern position, with it's peak at the Winter Solstice. Dagaz sits opposite it marking the point of the Summer Solstice.

I have been chanting the runes - known as Galdr - usually atop Glastonbury Tor for a while. I am sometimes joined by my good friend, Carolina, who happens to be an Astrolger as well as a Rune enthuiast. During our runic work we have found that there are links with the energies of the runes around the Sun Wheel with what is happening astrologically. So, we started making these vides for YouTube, where we talk about the runic and astrological energies that are happening at each point on the wheel and then I drum and we chant Galdr.

We hope you enjoy these videos. We started our journey around the Sun Wheel at the Autumnal Equinox with the rune Kenaz and we worked our way around the wheel. It was great fun making these 24 videos and hope you will enjoy them too.

Kenaz Video


Gebo Video


Wunjo Video


Hagalaz Video


Naudiz / Nauthiz Video


Isa Video


Jera Video


Eihwaz Video


Perthro Video


Algiz Video


Sowilo Video


Tiwaz Video


Berkana Video


Ehwaz Video


Mannaz Video


Laguz Video


Ingwaz Video


Othala Video


Dagaz Video


Fehu Video


Uruz Video


Thurisaz Video


Ansuz Video


Raido Video